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What We Do

Essential Realty Advisors specializes in the middle-market multifamily space – acquiring apartment and single-family rental communities valued between $15m to $75m in high-growth markets nationwide.

The middle-market space is typically beyond the capabilities of small investment groups and below the threshold of most institutional investors resulting in a highly fragmented, inefficient, market with abundant opportunity for skilled operators.

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To source and select the best opportunities

We use predictive analytics and real-time market research platforms to uncover markets (specifically submarkets) with the best real estate and demographic fundamentals to provide strong economic tailwinds for each investment.

To preserve capital and reduce risk

Each investment carefully vetted with institutional level rigor to ensure our investors are only offered opportunities that have passed our stringent research, underwriting and due-diligence process.

To maximize cash flow and appreciation returns

We use 150-years of combined industry experience to formulate business plans that are monitored and measured by our real-time asset management system to proactively execute value-add or operational improvement objectives.

To make your investment hassle-fee and transparent

Your account details and in-depth investment insights are a few clicks away using our innovative technology driven reporting portal.

Who We Are

Founded by industry veterans with over 150-years and 50,000 units of experience, Essential is an institutional level real estate investment firm utilizing an next-generation tech platform to uncover the best investment opportunities for our investment partners.

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Our Focus

Essential specializes in multifamily and built to rent investments in highly fragmented middle market where the best yields reside.  Our powerful platform uncovers the best untapped opportunities in this vast, but extremely inefficient investment sector.

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Investment that Yields
GP-Level Economics

  • Fully Share in Carried Interest & Promotes
  • Earn fees instead of paying them

Elite Executive Team Responding
to Opportunity

  • Industry Veterans 125+Combined Years of Expertise

  • Exceptional Track Records

Powerful Investment

  • Ownership Stake in
  • 80% of Risk Backstopped

Seasoned RE
Invests Problem


1 |

Declining Deal Flow & Real Estate Investment Yields

1 |

Declining Deal Flow & Real Estate Investment Yields

2 |

Limited or No Access to GP Level Returns (usually at least 2X LP-level returns)

2 |

Declining Deal Flow & Real Estate Investment Yields

3 |

No Ability to Achieve Scale with Strategic & Geographic Diversification

3 |

Declining Deal Flow & Real Estate Investment Yields

Why Essential
Realty Partners?

  • Rare opportunity to invest in a preeminent next generation real estate investment manager.

  • Founded by industry veterans to outpace industry megatrends and establish a strong competitive advantage.

  • Unique data driven, Al enhanced acquisitions and predictive analytics operational platform to rapidly scale a national portfolio delivering General Partner-level Returns.

Why Middle-Market
Rental Housing?

  • Sweet Spot – Local and Institutional Buyers are Reduced
  • Fragmented & Inefficient = Abundant Opportunity

  • Where the Best Yields Reside

Multiple Strategies to Thrive in
Any Phase of the Cycle

Why Now?

Leaping Ahead of Multfamily
Investment Megatrends

Institutions Rapidly
Piercing Middle & Lower

Technological Disruption Creating on Industry Leapfrog Opportunity

Scale Required to
Establish a Competitive


Capital Commitments

Received & Negotiating 2-term sheets totaling $85m in Initial Investment Commitments


Assembled an Elite Team
Removing Execution Risk

Ready to Launch

Initial Target Markets Selected & Ready to Begin Acquisitions Immediately

Next-Gen 7 ‘edi

Platform Design
Completed & Ready to Deploy


Double Your Income Streams

A Platform Designed to Outperform in Today’s Market Environment

Led by an Elite Team of
Industry Veterans

Years & 50,000 Units of Combined Expertise
Four (4)
Decades of proven processes, relationships & operating wisdom

Next Generation
Investment Tech

  • AI Enhanced Acquisitions sourcing

  • Predictive Analytics & Automated Underwriting Gets us in the right markets and Assets

Faster Than the Competition

Growth Strategy

How We stay ahead of the competition

This Unique Offering
will Rocket Us
to Scale


in AUM with 24-months

  • Reach Rapid Scale

Scale will Open Up
Larger Institutional

  • Achieve Top-Tier Status

Commitment to Tech Platform will Separate Us from the Competition

  • Become the Preeminent Next-Generation Manager

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